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"Corrosion is the lingering detail I cling to in a world where everything and everyone is constantly changing."

Teri Tito

Surrounded by the chaos of urban life could be the catalyst to why I enjoy painting so quickly. I orchestrate the painting unabashedly, fusing unconscious and sporadic movement with extended periods of concentration that intermittently unfold in my work.

Challenge and experimentation is what motivates me. Never; as an abstract artist, am I inspired by an object, but rather the thought of the object and the way it’s recalled from memory. Using pallet knives, rags, and brushes are only a few of the tools I reach for when I paint. Less obvious are stone, metal, wood, or whatever might be an arms-length away.


My current Angel series could suggest images that have stained ancient shrouds. The definition of shroud as defined in the dictionary, a cloth which a dead person is wrapped for burial or as a verb cover or conceal from view. The Angel series unveils a hint or suggestion of spirit guiding us through the chaos

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